At Arlo Europe Verisure you can enjoy a challenging and rewarding career in a dynamic, international company.

Our unique DNA defines who we are

There are five values that we live by every day. They define our people, and they define our company as a whole.
Passionate in everything we do
Our people have a sense of energy that is unmistakable, one that drives us to delight our customers and focus on creating impact quickly.
Always innovating
We believe that Innovation can be big or small; it’s a continuous state of mind that inspires us to think differently and always make things better. We are risk takers and we learn continuously.
Committed to making a difference
When we say we will do something; we deliver with excellence. We are accountable, focused and operate with discipline.
Winning as a Team
Our people know that by leveraging one another’s strengths, investing in and developing our team’s capability and by collaborating well, we will win.
With Trust and Responsibility
Operating with integrity is core to our success. We are humble, honest and value deep mastery and expertise. We do the right thing, always.

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Peace of mind for families and small businesses

We believe it is a human right to feel safe and secure. Our service includes 24/7 monitoring, expert verification and response, customer care, maintenance, and professional technical support. As well as protecting against intrusion, we protect against fire, attack, theft, life-threatening emergencies, and other hazards. Verisure people are dedicated and committed and provide what we believe is the best customer service in the industry. 
Arlo Verisure employee

Our people are the foundation of our success 

Verisure is a technology-enabled human services company. Behind the innovative technology which shields our customers’ homes and businesses, our people stand ready to respond in an instant, to protect what matters most. Our people differentiate our business by living and role-modelling our DNA every day. They are Verisure. 

We are driven by our purpose 

Verisure is a purpose-driven company, guided by our belief that it is a human right to feel safe and secure. We take this statement, and the trust our customers put in us, very seriously. We are with people when they are at their most vulnerable, helping them through dangerous and sometimes life-threatening situations. These moments of truth are where our fast action can make all the difference to someone’s life. 
Arlo doorbell

Our Sustainability Commitment 

Our commitment to sustainability is intrinsically linked to our company’s purpose, mission, and corporate values. We are a proud participant of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world's largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative. This is a significant milestone in our sustainability journey, signalling our commitment to shaping a sustainable future.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to creating an environment where every single colleague feels they can bring their 100% authentic selves to work, no matter their unique needs. A space in which they are included, supported and provided equal opportunities. Everyone is valued and we leverage our strengths and our diversity to deliver even better outcomes.
Verisure employees laughing
Verisure employee working in call center
Our Story
Our mission to protect what matters most to families and small businesses started in 1988, as a division of Securitas AB. The business was initially focused on the Swedish residential home security segment, followed by the creation of a major division centred in Spain, today our largest portfolio. Since then, we have steadily grown both our geographic footprint and our penetration within existing countries. In June 2017, we opened our Group Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
Arlo video camera
Arlo Europe Acquisition
In 2019 we acquired Arlo Commercial Operations Europe and formed a strategic Supply and Development Partnership with Arlo Inc. This allows us to offer customers an integrated service ranging from internet-connected home surveillance to fully monitored security systems. The acquisition also gives us a strong leadership position in the e-commerce and retail channels to complement our long-standing expertise in direct sales.​​​​​​​
Verisure employee during installation
How we succeed
Our business model integrates product development, design and sales with installation, service and 24/7 professional monitoring. Thanks to our continual focus on quality, our customers are consistently the most satisfied and loyal in the industry. We have grown to become the second-largest home alarm provider in the world, and we are on average more than three times the size of our nearest competitor across our footprint.
Verisure employee wearing branding
Our People
We exist to protect what matters most for our customers. To do this, we need a combination of innovative technology and passionate people who are driven by our purpose. Every one of our 28,000+ colleagues takes this responsibility seriously. Every day, they demonstrate our DNA – the values we live by and the unique cultural imprint we look for, nurture and unleash in every member of our Verisure family.
Verisure employee adjusting camera
Service is everything
To keep the promise we make to our customers – to keep them safe – outstanding customer service is critical. Our people go into our customers’ homes and businesses, recommending the products which will protect them most effectively. They install and maintain this equipment. And most importantly, they are there at the moment of truth when alarms are triggered - the vital link to emergency services and safety. If you see one of our people wearing a star, it’s because they have saved a life. Many of our colleagues wear these stars with pride.
Verisure analyst working
We protect customers by innovating continuously. Many of the features which are commonplace in alarm systems today were first developed by Verisure. We were the first company to offer a fully wireless, anti-sabotage alarm, immediate intrusion verification and quick response, GSM connectivity and an alarm capable of stopping an intrusion in progress by deterring intruders with the release of a dense fog barrier, making it impossible to see - ZeroVision. Our Innovation team is always striving to deliver the next step-change technology to protect our customers even more effectively.
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