We are proud to protect. At Verisure, we believe it is a human right to feel safe and secure.

Why is Verisure your best choice?

High salary and guaranteed earnings

There is no limit to your success - with uncapped sales commissions directly linked to the products sold and other performance indicators you have the chance to achieve an unlimited high salary. Our additional benefits (car, fuel, and others) ensure guaranteed sufficient earnings even during adverse months (e.g. sickness, holidays, personal issues, etc.).

Attractive career path

Fast-track your career with us! We offer exciting career paths with the possibility of fast professional growth. You can start your career as a Security Expert and become a Performance Manager (Coach/Team Leader) within months and then develop into further roles such as Branch Manager, Territorial Manager and National Sales Director or acquire more technical skills and become a Security Engineer. As our business grows, so does the number of internal and international career opportunities we offer our colleagues.

Great company culture

We offer a unique company culture based on our DNA and our five core values: Passionate in everything we do - Always Innovating - Committed to making a difference - Winning as a Team - with Trust and Responsibility. We are the right place for passionate and proactive colleagues to strive. Maintaining motivation and performance is important to us which is why we hold regular competitions and team events across our Sales departments.

Best-in-class products and services

We are leaders in Innovation. We provide exceptional services and products, such as immediate intervention enabled by our Verisure-exclusive ZeroVision device, image and audio verification to avoid false alarms, unique shock sensors for early detection of intrusion attempts, and a smart control app. Verisure is a well-known brand and our attractive prices make it easy to sell our outstanding products and services.

Marketing investments &
​​​​​​​a proven sales method

We highly invest in Marketing initiatives and our Contact Centre to support you. Our professional Contact Centre arranges appointments with potential customers that are interested in getting an alarm. You will be provided with these bookings to help you achieve your monthly target. You can also create your own sales opportunities by getting referrals from customers and approaching other houses and businesses close to your booking address.

Sales Academy

After you sign your contract with us you will receive all the necessary materials to get started, including your personalised training plan. Then, a professional trainer takes you through everything you need to know about our products and services and how to sell using the Verisure Sales Method. In your second week with us, you will start training in the field with your Team Leader who will be supporting you from day one.

On top of your salary and commission, you will receive other benefits!

We provide you with one of your most important tools, a car, including all your car-related expenses, such as fuel, parking, insurance, and road tolls are of course also covered.
Professional equipment
We will equip you for success with first-in-class professional sales materials, such as presentation tools, leaflets and video material, a backpack and your Verisure uniform.
Company Smartphone
Part of your professional equipment will also be a Smartphone including the MySales App. This will help you check your sales results in real-time, manage your contacts and visits, and calculate how much money you are going to earn.
Contract, insurance and annual leave
After joining our Sales team, you will receive a contract, national insurance and at least one month of annual leave.

Meet our Security Experts

Find out what it's like working for Verisure as a Security Expert and what our colleagues like most about their jobs.
Joseph's Story

"The ever-evolving environment of Verisure allows talented individuals to thrive! Since working here I’ve progressed to Field Sales Team Leader and now manage a dedicated group of like-minded individuals. After each day we can leave knowing we have delivered a Best-In-Class service."

Joseph Thompson
Field Sales Team Leader
Niall Spink
Niall's Story
"I love working for a company that puts customers and colleagues first! I get to offer my customers the safety and peace of mind they deserve. Seeing the smiles on people's faces when I leave is the greatest part of my day. Thank you to Verisure for affording me this opportunity."
Niall Spink
Field Sales Coach
Rafal Kociemba
Rafal's Story
"Since joining Verisure I’ve realised, it’s more than just a Company, it’s a family! It’s been the greatest professional decision I’ve made. From day one, my career potential and incentives were apparent; I’ve never looked back!"
Rafal Kociemba
Field Sales Team Leader
Johnny Sanders
Johnny's Story
"Before joining Verisure, I was disillusioned with my career path. However, the infectious culture and support offered at Verisure has allowed me to grow and realise my full potential. Every day is different, and I take pride in knowing we are people protecting people."
Johnny Sanders
Security Consultant
Hamza Green
Hamza's Story
"Building bespoke security packages for my customers, leaving them safe in the knowledge their home is monitored and secure, makes every day better than the last. Thanks to my colleagues and the training I’ve received; we can assure our customers they have received a best-in-class service."
Hamza Green
Security Consultant
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